Vegan Lunch Recipe

Eating a simple and delicious vegan lunch

Sometimes all you want is good vegan lunch recipe you can make without too much fuss. Since most people don't have a lot of time to put into making lunches, easy recipes are a necessity.

When choosing a vegan lunch recipe, first make sure that the recipe actually is vegan or can be adapted to work with the diet. In some cases you can take a vegetarian recipe and change a couple of ingredients. For instance, you could substitute soy milk for cow's milk, or nutritional yeast flakes for Parmesan cheese. Just don't get yourself in the situation where you prepare half of the recipe only to realize it requires several animal-derived ingredients. If you replace too many with vegan alternatives you could lose the intended flavor or texture and end up with something quite different than expected.

Where to Look for a Vegan Lunch Recipe

There are many websites you can consult to find a genuine vegan lunch recipe. A few of the best ones are:

  • - There are lots of vegan recipes on here, including ones for tofu egg salad and broccoli latkes. Some are simpler than others, so check each recipe's ingredients list and estimated bake time before you start planning your menu.
  • - This site will appeal to people who like to watch cooking shows so that they know the food they're making looks right at every stage. It not only has written directions but a video you can follow along with when making your vegan meals. There are sandwich recipes and two Indian dishes.
  • - This site has not only recipes but tips on putting together vegan lunches that will still be tasty when the clock hits noon. This includes packing advice and ideas for making a meal that a child will be happy to consume.

Another place to look is at the bookstore. One very popular book featuring only vegan lunches is appropriately named The Vegan Lunchbox. It is written by vegan blogger Jennifer McCann and features dozens of tasty vegan recipes that both adults and kids can enjoy. McCann focuses on including a variety of foods in each lunch to prevent boredom and even includes recipes for special holiday and birthday lunches.

An Easy Recipe

If you don't have time to search around and want an easy recipe you can start on right now, try a VLT. To make one you need two slices of whole grain bread, an eggplant, a portobello mushroom, a head of lettuce, a zucchini and a beefsteak tomato. You should also have cooking spray, a griddle pan, a paring knife and margarine handy.

  1. Cut the vegetables, minus the lettuce, into ¼" slices. You do not have to peel them.
  2. Grease your griddle with margarine and turn your stove on medium heat.
  3. Cook the veggie slices on the griddle until they are soft but not falling apart.
  4. Place as many slices as you'd like on your bread. Then add two or three leaves of lettuce.

If you'd like, you can add vegan mayonnaise or another type of dressing to your sandwich. You can also baste or season your vegetables before grilling them. However, if you want to keep it simple, the sandwich is good as is.

If you plan on taking the sandwich to work or school, keep the vegetables and bread separate until right before you plan on eating them. Place any spread you wish to add in a small plastic container with a lid. That way the bread will not get soggy and your vegetables will taste fresher. Don't forget to add a cold pack to your bag or place it in the refrigerator.

To complete your vegan lunch, add a bottle of juice or soy milk and a piece of fresh fruit.

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Vegan Lunch Recipe