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Enjoy raw and living foods

A raw food diet plan embraces a way of life that revolves around eating raw, uncooked, plant-based foods. Those who eat a raw food diet do not cook or heat their foods above 116 degrees Fahrenheit or so. Some raw food diet plan followers will heat their food slightly higher, while others recommend a bit lower temperature, but all believe that cooking food destroys life-giving enzymes.

What's On a Raw Food Diet Plan

While at first a raw food diet plan may sound terribly restrictive, it's anything but restrictive! Raw food diet followers eat a healthy, vegan diet. The diet is usually based on vegetables. Green, leafy vegetables form the basis of the diet, followed by all sorts of vegetables and sprouts that can be consumed raw or juiced. Fruits also make up a large part of the diet and may be enjoyed throughout the day. Nuts and seeds provide additional protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, while heart-healthy monosaturated oils such as olive oil, flax seed oil, walnut oil and other plant-based oils as well as avocados and coconuts provide fats. People eat tasty salads, shakes called smoothies, and even crackers, pizza and bread created in a dehydrator. Raw food desserts may even include cheesecake made without dairy and raw chocolates that are a true treat.

Getting Enough Protein Going Raw

The most commonly expressed concern by newcomers to the raw food diet is whether or not they'll get enough protein. A properly eaten raw food diet contains plenty of plant-based protein. Most raw food diet followers and indeed some nutritional experts believe that the current recommendations for protein in the average human diet are greatly exaggerated. Human can certainly be healthy and strong on raw and living foods.

Health Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

While not everyone experiences health benefits by changing to a raw food diet, personal testimonies abound. Most people lose weight, sometimes shedding dozens of pounds that stubbornly refused to budget on typical diets. The combination of high fiber, plant-based foods and lack of sugar and fattening processed foods probably accounts for the majority of weight loss claims.

In addition to claims of weight loss, most people eating on a raw food diet plan improved bowel function. Constipation disappears thanks to the abundance of fiber in the diet. Others attribute their glowing skin, improved energy, and sound sleep to a raw food diet.

Changing to a Raw Food Diet

Changing to a raw food diet is usually a slow, gradual process. It starts by eliminating junk foods, processed foods, white flour and sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Most people gradually add more and more raw and uncooked foods to the diet to give their bodies time to adjust. Anyone considering a raw food diet or other drastic diet change may wish to consult with their physician, especially if they have an existing medical condition, to ensure good health.

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Raw Food Diet Plans and Recipes