Vegetarian Eating

Article Highlight: 14 Popular Fast Food Options for Vegetarians & Vegans

For most people, fast food options abound, but most restaurant menus are geared for meat eaters. However, many fast food joints offer foods that fit into a vegetarian and vegan diet. Keep reading »

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Vegetarian Eating

While some people may think that vegetarians eat nothing but salad, the reality is that vegetarians and vegans have a wide range of different food items to choose from. Get the most from your vegetarian diet by learning about the foods you can eat from the articles within LoveToKnow Vegetarian.

Vegetarian Food

There are nearly countless different foods and ways you can eat on a vegetarian diet. Get information on a variety of different topics you need to stay healthy as a vegetarian such as:

  • Food Definitions: Learn about some foods you may be unfamiliar with, such as quinoa, polenta or kefir.
  • Food Classifications: When you're trying to balance your diet, it may be helpful to know how to classify and categorize certain foods such as coconuts, cashews or wheat berries.
  • Types of Food: Get lists that can help you shop and eat right, such as lists of fruits, legumes or whole grain foods.
  • Food Facts: Learn more about the different foods you can eat with facts on fruits like mangos or foods you might not ordinarily eat like beet leaves.
  • Food Reviews: Before you buy a packaged food, read up to find out more about with reviews on foods like Noni Fruit Leather or Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mix.
  • Recipes: Get some ideas for dinner tonight, or learn to cook your favorite foods in new ways with recipes for things like stir fry or protein shakes.

Vegetarian Health

The food you eat can have a direct impact on your health. Learn about the different ways vegetarian eating can impact your health with topics like:

  • Symptoms: If you worry about getting in enough protein as a vegetarian, make sure you read up on the symptoms that protein deficiency may cause.
  • Side Effects: If you worry that eating too much or too little of something may be bad for you, learn more about the impact that foods such as sunflower seeds or soy may have.
  • Benefits: Not all foods are potentially bad for you; many like kombucha and miso soup may have some health benefits.

Eat Well

Eating well as a vegetarian can be simple when you have the right tools and information at your disposal. Turn to the information found on LoveToKnow Vegetarian to get your vegetarian eating off to the right start.

Vegetarian Eating