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Vegetarian and Vegan Slideshows

Vegetarian slideshows offer step by step instructions for making everything from Kung Pao Chicken to veggie burgers. You'll enjoy colorful slides and information to help you get started on the vegetarian, vegan or raw and living food diet.

Vegetarian Slideshows Demonstrate Variety of Vegetarianism

Explore the many ways of living a vegetarian life through the Vegetarian Slideshows. Vegetarians eat no meat, but may continue eating dairy products as well as eggs. Vegans enjoy fruits, vegetables, grains and plant-based products such as soy but do not eat meat, dairy or animal products such as eggs. Raw food vegans eat only raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and oils. The most extreme form of raw food veganism is the fruitarian diet in which nothing more than raw, ripe fruit is consumed.

Healthy Diets Take Many Forms

Any and all of these diets may be healthy. It's important to test and see what feels right for your own lifestyle, health, and physical activity.

Many people who embark on a vegetarian or vegan diet worry that they won't get enough protein. Many vegetables, nuts, grains and products such as tofu contain plenty of wholesome protein. It's a myth that vegetarians and vegans are weak and puny. In fact many athletes are now following vegetarian and vegan diets, including 'tough guy' weight lifters and football players!

Gourmet Eating Vegetarian Style

And lest you think you have to give up all your favorite foods to enjoy a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, have no fear! Good Egg Substitutes in Baking demonstrates how to use various vegan products as egg substitutes when making your favorite foods. In fact, you can make many wonderful vegetarian and vegan treats.So relax, pull up a chair, and enjoy Vegetarian Slideshows. Here's to healthy, animal-free eating!

Vegetarian Slideshows