Raw Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Blends for Super Boost

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The purest raw dark chocolate antioxidant superfood blend includes raw cacao and various superfoods such as goji berries. Not only does this blend include powerful antioxidants, but it tastes like a rich dessert. If you're eating a raw, vegan diet, you'll want to know more about raw cacao and superfoods such as dehydrated fruit that enhance health and taste great. For those changing to a raw food diet, information about raw chocolate and cacao assuages fears the raw food diet is bland, boring, and lacking treats.

Purest Raw Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Superfood Blend

Raw dark chocolate and raw superfoods contain antioxidants, substances that neutralize free radical damage and are thought to prevent many diseases. For people following a raw food diet, consuming snacks containing pure raw cocoa, which tastes like dark chocolate, and various antioxidant superfood blends can add variety, taste and nutrients to the diet. Blending raw dark chocolate or raw cacao nibs with superfoods such as goji berries provides a superb antioxidant boost that enhances health and well being.

Purest Raw Dark Chocolate

Most commercial chocolate bars cannot be consumed on a raw food diet. Commercial chocolate bars are created using heat, dairy products, and numerous chemicals, which are not consumed by raw food diet followers. Instead, many enjoy raw cacao, which tastes just like dark chocolate but provides enzymes and antioxidants. Such raw cacao lives up to the title "purest raw dark chocolate" because it is the raw material from which typical chocolate bars are made. It can be consumed as nibs or combined with various raw food ingredients like nuts, coconut, and agave syrup to create decadent desserts such as raw chocolate truffles.

Raw chocolate bars can also be found in health food stores. Righteously Raw, for example, sells a raw chocolate bar that uses raw cacao, agave, a bit of organic sugar, and other raw ingredients to create a convenient chocolate bar.


The purest raw dark chocolate antioxidant superfood blends typically include goji berries, golden berries, or mango pieces. Each of these products can be dehydrated, an acceptable food preparation method for raw food diet followers. All provide abundant vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.Many superfoods are fruits, and various fruits pair very well with raw chocolate. Fruits are given what is called an ORAC score to assess their antioxidant value. The higher the ORAC score, the more the fruit fits the definition of a superfood.

Combining Both for Great Taste

You can combine that luscious raw dark chocolate taste with the sweetness of superfruits for a one-two antioxidant punch. Many products on the market for raw food diet followers combine such foods with other antioxidant rich berries and foods to create power bars, snack bars, and desserts. Creations Magazine reviews several commercial products, blends, and mixes. Such raw food snacks provide portable treats and are great for raw food meals on the go.

Make Your Own

You can make your own raw food antioxidant chocolate dessert with superfruit. There are raw holiday cookies, pies, and desserts that include cacao and antioxidant-rich fruits, too. Here are some raw cacao and superfood recipes to try:

  • Raw food diva Karen Knowler dishes up lots of ideas on how to enjoy raw cacoa. Mix in your favorite superfoods and enjoy!
  • Chocolate and almonds are good no matter what the dessert, and this raw Italian dessert sinfully and skillfully blends raw chocolate and antioxidant-rich superfoods.
  • Kimberly Snyder serves up a raw food truffle recipe that can easily combine with antioxidant superfruits.
  • Adventures in the Raw provides an overview of raw cacao as well as tips on how to create dishes, desserts, and more with raw cacao nibs and powder.
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Raw Dark Chocolate Antioxidant Blends for Super Boost