Where to Buy Probiotics: Pros & Cons of 3 Options

Probiotics are often found in yogurt

If you have ever asked yourself "where can I purchase probiotics" then you, like many others, may have found it difficult to identify good and reliable sources of this type of supplement. Fortunately, more stores are selling probiotics.

Probiotics are becoming increasingly popular. Probiotics refers to a group of beneficial bacteria found in the human body. Many people take these supplements to improve their health. The word probiotic means 'for life'. Probiotics are said to help conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and are also reported to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. While probiotics are very popular at the moment and people are more aware of them as a useful dietary supplement, they are in fact a naturally occurring bacteria that are found in foods such as yogurt. When probiotics are taken as a supplement, they are either taken in a liquid or capsule form.

Buying Probiotics

Probiotics can be purchased from many different types of stores. They are available from traditional health food stores, vitamin stores, pharmacies, and from an increasing number of supermarkets. In addition to this, probiotics can be purchased from online retailers.

Buying Probiotics from Health Food Stores

There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying from different types of outlets.

  • Advantages: When buying probiotics from health food stores, customers often have the opportunity to talk to knowledgeable sales staff about the products. This can be useful for people who are taking probiotics for the first time and are unfamiliar with the wide range of different brands and types available.
  • Disadvantages: A health food store may have a limited range of probiotics or hold a limited stock. Another drawback for many people is that they might not have a health food store in the neighborhood.

Buying Probiotics from Supermarkets

  • Advantages: Supermarkets often sell a range of probiotics at competitive prices. Supermarkets are easy to access with facilities such as free car parking. Buying probiotics from a supermarket means that this becomes part of a normal household shop.
  • Disadvantages: A supermarket is unlikely to have trained and knowledgeable staff on hand who can talk about the use of probiotics and how they can help certain health issues. Supermarkets may also only sell the popular ranges and not products from less well known suppliers.

Buying Probiotics Online

  • Advantages: A large number of online stores sell probiotics at competitive prices. These present a great opportunity to search for a variety of different products all from the comfort of home. While shopping online does normally include a delivery cost, there are savings to offset against this, such as a reduction in fuel used to go shopping and no parking fees. Specialist stores can also offer help and advice which can be useful.
  • Disadvantages: The delivery costs can add up on online purchases which can result in them being less of a bargain than they first appear. It is also difficult to see what it is that is being sold and a shopper needs to be familiar with different formats and pack sizes.

Where Can I Purchase Probiotics Online?

Here are some online stores that sell probiotics:

Tips for Taking Probiotics

Vegetarians and vegans should ensure that they buy probiotics that are suitable for their lifestyle. Vegans, for instance, will find that many probiotics contain milk or dairy products. People should also consult their doctors about any concerns they have over health issues. A doctor or trained nutritionist will be able to give advice and help draw up a diet program.

Probiotics can be a useful food supplement and are surprisingly easy to purchase.

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Where to Buy Probiotics: Pros & Cons of 3 Options