Famous American Vegans & Sources for the Lifestyle

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American vegans are similar to vegans in many other countries. However, some of the ideology behind American veganism may be somewhat different and reflects more the culture and lifestyle of this young country.

The Lifestyle of American Vegans

American vegans and Americans in general reflect a consumer-driven society. America is a country that enjoys incredible luxuries but also consumes incredible resources. As such, the shift toward a greener, more ecologically driven mindset has hit many vegan, vegetarian, and organic communities and gained much momentum. Many individuals in these sectors tout the importance of environmentally responsible methods of farming, manufacturing, eating, and living. This attitude differs from that of some other vegans and vegetarians in the world in that it doesn't primarily come from a religious motivation but from social consciousness. Whereas some religions and societies emphasize the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, American vegans do not usually receive the same kind of encouragement from government or religious bodies.

Famous Vegans

Many well-known singers, actors, and other celebrities has made the decision to follow a plant-based eating lifestyle. Their reasons for this are many, but a great number of them point to a desire to protect the Earth and its resources while keeping their bodies healthy and strong. Below are just a few of these famous American vegans.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is a well-known vegan who hosts her own blog called The Kind Life and is the author of a book titled The Kind Diet. The book focuses not only on green, healthy, and eco-friendly eating and living but also on how people can use that way of life to shed excess weight and reach optimum health. The blog includes tips on eating, cooking, baking, travel, and more and also offers readers a forum where they can share and seek advice and make connections with like-minded folks. For more information, pick up The Kind Diet at your local bookstore.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Actress Jenny McCarthy is a famous promoter of plant-based eating. Originally a vegetarian, McCarthy eventually became vegan, announcing the transition on a visit to "The Rachael Ray Show."

Alanis Morissette

Famed crooner Alanis Morissette is another vegan who has found health and even purported weight loss through veganism.

Bryan Adams

Singer-songwriter Bryan Adams has been a vegan for more than two decades. His vegan lifestyle was featured in the United Kingdom's Guardian, and he points to personal health reasons for giving up meat and dairy.

For a large list of famous vegans and vegetarians, as well as information on the plant-based lifestyle, visit the Happy Cow website.

More Information on Plant-Based Eating

There are many places to glean more information on going vegan or to connect with other American vegans. Consider the following online sources for information, interaction, and inspiration.

  • The website of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA, offers a wealth of information about American vegans, vegetarians, and other animal rights activists.
  • The American Vegan Society is a nonprofit that aims to promote and educate individuals on the vegan lifestyle. The website offers information and resources for vegans and those considering converting to veganism.
  • Likewise, the North American Vegetarian Society offers support, information, and resources for both vegetarians and vegans. The nonprofit puts out a quarterly magazine and promotes an animal-free lifestyle.

American vegans are a diverse group of individuals who have made the lifestyle choice to go completely animal-free. For many of them, this choice extends beyond food and into many of the products they use in their homes and for health and beauty. A great number of vegans also strive to purchase and incorporate organic and raw food products into their vegan diet as often as possible. For more information, visit one of the resources above.

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Famous American Vegans & Sources for the Lifestyle