Cabbage Juice Blends & Nutrition for Healthy Freshness

Cabbage patch

Cabbage juice is a delicious and healthy beverage to start your morning or add some nutrition to any part of your day. As an added benefit, there are many ways to serve it to maximize its freshness and flavor.

Juicing Is Easy With a Juicer

A juicer is a great kitchen tool to have in your arsenal. Fresh juice is a healthier alternative to bottled juices or those less-than-100-percent juices. Juicing cabbage and other vegetables also offers a great way to get a quick dose of vitamins.

Most juicers offer a feed at the top of the tool. Simply placed slices of cabbage into the feed, pushing down until no more juice comes out of the machine. Add more and repeat the process. To add some depth of flavor to your juice, consider combining cabbage juice with other fresh juices.

Cabbage Juice Combinations

Combine cabbage with other vegetables or even fruits for a delicious and healthy drink. Below are a few great juice combinations.

  • Cabbage - Ginger - Carrot
  • Cabbage - Celery - Broccoli
  • Cabbage - Carrot - Apple
  • Cabbage - Banana - Kiwi
  • Cabbage - Broccoli - Spinach
  • Red Cabbage - Kale - Ginger
  • Red Cabbage - Carrot - Orange
  • Red Cabbage - Celery - Beet
  • Red Cabbage - Celery - Apple

By combining vegetables with fruit juices, you can access the natural fructose, or fruit sugars, found in fruits. The fructose counteracts the bitterness of the cabbage and other vegetables. Many people enjoy a glass of cabbage juice mixed with other fresh juices each morning as a great and healthy breakfast accompaniment. You can also add herbs and seasonings to enhance the flavor of fresh vegetables and fruits in the juice.

Cabbage Nutrition Facts

Cabbage has been used for both nutritional and medicinal purposes for many years. It's a good source of riboflavin, vitamin C, and the amino acid glutamine. Different varieties of cabbage may contain slightly different vitamins. Some evidence suggests cabbage, especially when raw, may help lower cholesterol. Other studies have suggested a link between raw cabbage and lowered cancer risks.

Drinking cabbage juice is a simple way to access the vitamins and nutrients present in the vegetable, which are sometimes lost in the cooking or steaming processes.

Cabbage for Dieters

Another reason cabbage is so highly regarded in the healthy community is because of its relatively low calorie content. It's considered an especially popular food for weight loss diets. Many diets include recipes for cabbage soup, cabbage main dishes, and cabbage juice. Cabbage packs a nice vitamin punch without adding very many calories to your daily total, so it makes a perfect juice for those trying to lose weight. That's especially true when you compare it to other vegetable and fruit juices, which contain high volumes of both calories and sugar. Juice recipes for weight loss are one potential way to shed unwanted pounds and stay healthy.

Get Your Recommended Allowance of Vegetables

If you don't enjoy eating fresh veggies, you may find juicing is a great way to meet the recommended daily allowance of vegetables. As a rule, adults should aim to consume approximately seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily, or at least 3 1/2 cups. Cabbage juicing offers a simple and nutritious way to include more vegetables in your diet without adding extra calories, fat, or sugar.

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Cabbage Juice Blends & Nutrition for Healthy Freshness